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today we have a special episode I am in Nicaragua this is Manawa the main
capital of the country we’re going to look together a beautiful place it’s a
very unique concept so thank you guys for watching this episode today and
don’t forget subscribe to the channel and we’re going to continue looking
around these beautiful place
leaving office and also a good place to do exercise that’s what I like about
this section here a balcony where you can catch all the view from the swimming
pool the garden and why not the amazing view from the valley of Manawa here in
Nicaragua and right next door you have the huge Master bathrooms with a bathtub
a single shower you know the layout on the floor of this section is really nice
especially when you work from the distance and you don’t want to go too
far away you have your own office space the master with a balcony and the
windows plus the doors you know I like the doors there are PVC so they’re going
to last longer [Music]
this is the main room that you can tell right away the king-size mattress all
the Furnitures classic design actually look at this
um you feel like a mix in between modern contemporary and classic in this room
right away high ceiling and the air conditioning which is a central air
conditioning which controlled the entire house which is excellent you have your
own a closet here and another closet over there and something that is very
smart how they connect a door that goes straight to your bathroom so you don’t
need to go all the time outside [Music]
you have another spaceful closet and this I understand is your room for the
wine so if you love wine and you have the perfect temperature this is a place
doors made of wood and
also it’s important there is another view from here that you have another
Salah and another nice chandelier high ceiling long and vertical Windows that’s
a nice feature because you keep looking outside as well so you have a excellent
view from the inside and the outside of the house people love that
everyone has um you know it’s also the same configuration smaller from the main
one but they have a closet here a bathrooms high ceiling as well
connecting to the central air so actually the whole house is like that
and your own balcony the balcony from here I can see right away the view is
fantastic the light today is great the view from the lake and the main capital
of Manawa I can tell all the buildings and the houses around the lake and the
mountain that’s actually really cool windows and doors like a French style
made of a PVC nice glass in a game they use the same concept of the stainless
steel line with glasses that is the part of the house that is telling you a
mother but if you see the house itself it feels like a contemporary some
classic design so it’s a nice touch in between those style then the mattress
this is probably a twin mattress but you can fit easily a bigger one lights
features and side tables all these curtains also something you can easily
do like this and so reduce the light if you don’t want much light you just move
it quickly and as well the curtains and here is the bottom the bottom again it’s
a classic concept you know like the counter a huge mirror again you have
glasses like doors single shower a different textures of the tiles but the
same soft color so the LA the the bathrooms you can tell is something that
goes with this with the rest of the room [Music]
the stairs are comfortable they’re not too deep which is great you can rest a
little bit here and then the view again from here are the foyer and the living
room is something good see
it’s not that and then continue see this beautiful place the
stairs and the colors it looks like marmal but I understand maybe it is
that’s what happened when you open the door from the main carport
the first things that can catch your eyes
this beautiful salad look at the salad it feels like I feel like those houses
in the country but with a beautiful high high ceiling and the lights features
looks very modern big Windows vertical catching the entire lights and the view
of Manawa that’s something beautiful you’re gonna really enjoy it have a good
time in this salad because when you have friends and family I’ve been talking
taking some coffee in the morning having a meeting maybe you have a very
important business meeting and you want to bring your customers your clientele
and impress with that view they’re gonna be happy and your family as well
let’s go and see the the rest of this dining area this is perfect if you’re
going to have a special uh party you’re going to have a special
meeting with somebody with your family Christmas you know party holy days and
birthday this is something that you’re going to enjoy again doors connecting to
the swimming pool and another door that also I understand connects to another
extra area for breakfast let’s go and see but the view from here
it’s beautiful I can’t catch all the living the outside all right guys let’s
go and see this uh wow another place if you wake up in
the morning and you don’t want to use this place you have a very private your
own private breakfast table especially when you have to spend the time with the
family and your kids this is this is really nice a beautiful mural guys with
this classic frame another chandelier beautiful style as well more windows
also another view from the outside the garden and the pool and they have some
playgrounds under the tree that’s actually classic then here
it’s another door that connects to the main kitchen
this is probably the places where you’re gonna really enjoy to play some pool
table here this is the transition between the main living room with these
doors you can see right here open wow this is
a PVC doors also the rest of the doors are the same material another access to
another Sala and access to the living I mean to the swimming pool in the garden
[Music] this is what I’m going to spend all the
time and enjoy the coffee play games and a nice TV a nice movie this is a funny
place to stay you have a bar a pool table with that view then this is where
you connect with the two extra rooms downstairs fully equipped a main closet
right there where you can set up all your pillows and towels so let’s see
these rooms [Music]
that’s a beautiful layout of the pool that’s a huge swimming pool you would
never complain to do exercise in this pool another thing you can tell right
away is how they protect the property with that nice fence plus the land of
this area is elevated so you have security it’s a good it’s a good
neighborhood right here it’s not too far away from the center of my
but that’s my friends is what made the whole place really fun and interesting
so how you can see all the view from here it’s just amazing it’s fantastic
the how they understood the property the massive view from the house you can see
from here all those beautiful glasses and doors all vertical lines again you
have so much Green Space here that if you really enjoy the outdoors this is it
view a waterfall right there what a fountain right there it’s not working
right now but you can tell imagine this place to read at night and the sunset is
so great and another facility right here that’s where you’re gonna probably spend
most of the time with your friends and family and the this is a Jacuzzi nicely
foreign [Music]
here’s my telephone and my email and you can connect to me directly and I tell
you how you can buy this amazing property and don’t forget subscribe and
give me those like to see you in the next episode
foreign [Music]

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