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[Music] today we have a special special episode
I am in Nicaragua this is Manawa the main capital of the country we’re going
to look together a beautiful place that was designed like an Italian and
contemporary it’s a very unique concept swimming pool great location three
bedrooms enough rooms dining area everything that you need this place has
it so thank you guys for watching this episode today and don’t forget subscribe
to the channel and we’re going to continue looking around these beautiful
plates let’s go [Music]
[Music] people say Carlos I want to look into
the area of the swimming pool why because that’s where people put paid a
lot of attention to details look at this a swimming pool a section for you can
spend the time after you were doing some exercise there is your own private and
personal um gym another area where you have
beautiful design like this Palapa with this beautiful curve sofa that’s an
excellent selection because people when they put stuff outside you need to think
about that the sun and the water are going to destroy the the furniture so
this furniture are well thought because they look for good for the exterior the
barbecue area that’s another part of this area that is really interesting
enough room your own oven and another barbecue like Argentina style the view
is just amazing I can tell the entire Valley of the Manawa area this is one of
the highest point of the city so you know what when you are above 300 meters
the breeze and the temperature start to cool up
[Music] wow this is what I call style a
beautiful line in the middle connecting the Landscaping
that curve with the beautiful trees and as soon as you walk through these stairs
the first thing you’re gonna catch is the value you and you feel the breeze
I like the way the architect use an entire space and the levels of this
place as soon as we get to the main house you also can catch that view and
the breeze this is really unique
thank you [Music]
you know what I like the way I was telling you this
before the way they use everything in all the space you have another section
right here where you can take a seat
relax in the morning and take your coffee also we have a
beautiful section of the house that you have like a Terrace On The Roof with
beautiful vertical Windows following the curved line of this design that’s
excellent because you can catch as much view as possible and all the lights goes
into the living area that’s it’s very important because help you and save
energy and you know what Joy enjoyed outside of this beautiful environment
[Music] but at the same time feel like inside
air conditioning around this room will keep this place very cool and fresh but
if you want to go out you just open that door and immediately you can catch all
that beautiful panoramic view the the windows are made of PVC so actually if
you want to get more Breeze you just open it like this
and right away all the breeze goes into this room so you’re gonna have this
place all the time cool take a look to the tiles the color and the roof lines
and all the lights features above also I like the transition in between this
section this area and that area through these doors these doors are also made of
PVC that’s an aluminum as well in these glasses very Italian style
you know like a French door concept also details like the lock systems to give
you extra secure a TV this it can be a nice entertainment room for your friends
or you when you’re reading a book foreign
[Music] roof that was made of cedar wood that’s
concept you can tell was brought from outside that very European concept all
the frames are made of wood an entire ceiling is covered by the beautiful
hardwood quality high quality material this is another part of the house so you
can see they love to entertain friends and family you have your own bar a rack
for your wines excellent sofa sets plenty room here good I like the volume
but also I like the you know the concept but also the proportion of it that’s
very important I can see how they thought about everything in all the
elements are thought in the way that can fit perfectly in this room another
transition I like about this place is those stairs
the dining main dining table you have eight chairs yes a long long table well
decorated a beautiful piece of art right here
look at this with the colors the palette of the colors inside is gray and that
nice lamps features it’s not a chandelier but it’s a nice feature that
domains the center then another another Furniture here where you can set up the
plates before to serve to your friends another thing about this area is how
they thought to have a view from here all overlooking and believing and the
Terrace and right in that door you have another exterior area with your table so
if you have friends and just want to have a private chatting that’s another
section you can go so that is what I call a really Master dining table where
you can connect to the kitchen through this door
let’s go [Music]
you know what this is what I was expecting to see a nice layout Main
Kitchen the island right here in the middle see
it’s Outlets everywhere one sink right here another things right here I like
the color of the wood everything’s it’s made of real wood right here your stove
your chimney your own oven this is actually very cool I like the quality of
the of the appliances you have a lot of rooms with these uppers glass
it’s very classic but also the proportion of this kitchen goes with the
rest of the house all the doors are made of really hard wood this is the pantry
where you can organize everything let me see the light is somewhere here
I don’t find it but that’s okay oh there you go
now it’s it’s not just working right now that’s okay let me find out somewhere
here okeydoke
yeah I just found the lights that was very funny guys a lot of space it’s a
perfect kitchen with these swim doors that just connects directly to the
dining area good when you have a party
I like the palette of the colors they use here gray and green this is one of
the three rooms actually every rooms is fully equipped with a double closet your
bathroom fully equipped a nice size mattress and all the details about the
designs you can tell it’s calling you like a modern unit everything here was
designed and thought in the way that everyone’s gonna stay here is going to
feel very comfortable your TV set air conditioning and your ceiling fan
another thing about this place is the color of the lights and the features how
they use all this design and the very high part of the of the ceiling roof
that’s important because also provide you know value to it a nice room your
own seats right here this is very modern and it’s a very comfortable unit
it’s another room right here it’s right just next door where you’re gonna see it
also fully equipped like this actually I would say this is a master suite this
are pretty roomy made on nice hardwood doors
and the bathroom also has a lot of details that I like you know the the
granite the shower and all the all the tiles used and also on the wall how they
put those those elements in the collar nicely done
[Music] the living area of this Lobby here is
just perfect the doors I can see how they put a lot of thought about the
designs and the balance and that beautiful glass curve on the top the
high ceiling this light features and this is something else that I never
thought in another place
[Music] double twin mattress
a full bathroom shower Towing and everything here double closet TV set air
conditioning and light features with wallpaper like this one it’s just great
if you have Kit they’re gonna love this because it’s private it’s not close to
the dining area or even where you have another you know you can have some noise
when you have a party so it’s excellent distance from here another switch just
right next to the lobby also good for your friends or for another member of
the family who wants to stay at that time so remember three bedrooms fully
equipped free bathrooms plus the bedrooms and bathrooms for the staff
they’re gonna help you to run this place and keep in excellent condition
thank you guys for watching this video today I hope you enjoyed the context of
this video if you like it don’t forget subscribe to the channel give me those
like to bring to you more value information like this if you’re ready to
buy a real estate property here in Managua Nicaragua that meets all these
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email and I can tell you how you can buy these beautiful property with that
amazing view and don’t forget we are a Manawa Nicaragua see you in the next
episode [Music]
[Music] thank you

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