RETIRE IN NICARAGUA at this Well located House in Granada | Houses For Sale in Granada Nicaragua

Thank you guys for watching this video today thank you for Jessel he’s behind
the camera we are in Santa Fe Nicaragua close to Granada actually seven minutes
away only we are going to walk through eight two bedrooms and two bathrooms
beautiful space it’s a corner lot perfect for parking and also a catch a
beautiful view from Mumbai
[Music] check out this gesso
it’s a very cute and cozy living area connecting easily with the kitchen they
set up like an island here with the three chairs huge window right there so
the house itself like it feels very comfortable practically you can say
Carlos I really need something to move in and leave and relax and work from the
distance but I want to have a peaceful and a quiet location so Santa Fe because
it’s seven minutes away from Granada you can tell the elevations and how far I
mean not that far away but it’s good and convenient for you especially if you’re
working from the distance and you want to have a quiet Antoine key location
this is the case the houses around it also give you some kind of you know
comfort and security at the same times it will and is very private the salad
itself the living room you can see has a standard size seats shares TV everything
is open concept I like how they did the ceiling which is pretty high important
for the weather here in Nicaragua now the let’s continue looking in the
kitchen because what they did here they mix a beautiful stone
as a top everything’s made of handmade wood sink simple nice uppers big size
stove I understand the house will comes with some other Furniture not everything
so we can make a list of what exactly the item is going to go with the deal
this is the transition between Living Kitchen you have slide doors with I mean
made of PVC with glass walking to the backyard and there is a beautiful
Terrace and good enough plenty of space for a table that is the main bedrooms
with the bathrooms this is one bathrooms out on to share with the one outside
especially for your guests and let’s see
there you go look at that it’s a double bed bedrooms
nice size I think this is a twin bed your closet
very good you know what most of these houses they like to buy for rentals a
lot of customers are traveling to Granada or they go to someone the sewer
and sometimes they stop by San Granada and they stay a couple nights like two
or three nights so it’s very good to have a two bedroom home as an investment
because you’re always going to keep it rented it’s so easy
[Music] foreign
[Music] you have a lot of room here for the
swimming pool so it’s not that difficult to do actually guys and another thing is
important the walls and that extra gate door that’s if you want to bring your
car right here so you have a lot of more space no problem so you can extend it
and have a roof and you can bring your car people like to buy a house with
extra security so you have an extra wall surround the property this is 12 meters
wide by 24 meters long so that’s going to give you 288 square meter lot the
house is probably a 130 square meter which is good extra thing that I like to
see is those stairs why those stairs where I go with those stairs
let’s go and see it [Music]
I mean I never thought to find a two-bedroom house with this
little spot with a round table and chairs also there you go look Outlets so
you can connect your phone some speakers music sunset
and that’s the view look at that view Jessica look at that view I can see a
beautiful tree that’s a saber and behind the tree you have the lovely they’re a
majestic that’s actually great from here you can
see right away the entire residential homes homes homes they have 24 7
security water service and you have internet in each homes you can hire a
better speed every time you come to the city sometimes you can get a better
internet so that’s not even an issue especially if you work from the distance
you can extend the capacity of your internet so guys with those customers
that always say Carlos Lee we have Internet yes you can there you go
[Music] always it’s very important when you
design a house have an extra storage room or laundry like this there you go
you have the washer a la banderito a little washer for mop and everything’s
electrical panel so you can actually organize all your stuff right here we’re
gonna close it done
thank you guys for watching this episode today very fun thank you Jessica for
filming I hope you enjoyed this new information especially for you you’re
looking at two bedrooms House close to Granada ready to go beautiful backyard
secure and try and kill here you are my telephone number and my email are gonna
be very happy to help you with the whole process how you can buy a house in
Nicaragua close to Granada San Juan de Sur or Manawa but definitely are going
to see this property very soon in all my social media so I hope you enjoy it give
me those likes subscribe to the channel and see you in the next adventure ciao
thank you

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