THE BEST! Luxury Small Island For Sale in Granada Nicaragua DON’T MISS OUT!

Okay guys thank you very much for watching this video today JSL is behind
the camera thank you Jason together we are going to enjoy the great coffee in
Nicaragua you know what people are asking me Carlos can you have an island
can you really own an island yes you can
[Music] thank you
[Music] look at these they actually did
something special using a lot of elements that you can find in Nicaragua
like this beautiful woodwork the kitchen this giraffes everything was built from
scratch actually I understand the honor decided to do everything from zero I
mean they put together the stones the walls and the garden which is amazing
they’ve used something you can always catch from every ongoing item it’s very
important to select the right location why you will see why
thank you
I like the colors how they really understood how to use the cement the
wood colors and the tiles everything looks fresh and clean and something also
is very important to see from here I have a beautiful view from the lake and
you can tell those boats passing by and all the trees the breeze is also
important to keep the this place cool off and look at this
they were telling me Carlos we have every kind of fruit trees here melokoton
avocate Chile
mangoes mangoes is very popular in these islands you’re gonna see mango trees all
over and when the seasons arrive be ready because you’re gonna have a lot of
mangoes everywhere
let’s go and see the swimming pool guys actually
everything here everything here is designed to have a
great time if you are in vacation check this place you have your kayak a pier
where you can leave your boats and the Beautiful surrounded by these
Garden is amazing coconut trees Palms your hammocks right there come on Joseph
look at this beautiful swimming pool area this is a place to have fun yes
it looks like a heart surrounded by these huge problems guys and the view
from here it’s just amazing look at the breeze they put a lot of love into this
island when you buy an island you have to remember they are not ready most of
these places they have to be built and rebuilt and sometimes they have to do
the retainables that’s something they did here they did an amazing job to have
a garden they actually brought these huge Royal Palms they put all the
infrastructure for the swimming pool water pumps everything you can imagine
plus the elevation of this island is perfect because it’s above the water
level which protect your property and the breeze the view is something that
you can always catch for every angle of these places I know it’s a unique
property and I’m sure if you’re looking for something special like an island
this is an opportunity and I’m gonna give you all the description in this
video so how can you contact me and say Carlos I want to learn about that place
but in the meanwhile let’s enjoy this beautiful sightseeing
[Music] okay I’m sure you have to enjoy that
beautiful view when you’re relaxing drinking that wine or a cup of coffee
take a look to these Terrace how they really did Something Beautiful
with these stones and getting in they are using their colonial tiles here like
a carpet that’s a very great idea a lighter sofa made of bamboo and from
here you got that beautiful view of bombacho
every trees islands all over private place relax this is what I’m talking
about guys if you look in a house or if you look in a property that you can have
a unique VIP Airbnb this is one of those
thank you take a look at these drizzle beautiful
size room I like how they use all this element here you know the robe with the
platform and the bed the closet and the windows the slide doors the balcony
catching all the view from the lake and from here you can see the mombacho again
I mean definitely guys when you are designing something like this you want
to create a atmosphere unique atmosphere and you know what you are an island yes
you can get it I mean you can catch everything surrounded by beautiful
vegetation and definitely the view from the mountains and this is a great idea
take a look to this gesso now they change the color of the splashback nice
touch different lamps big mirror double sink you know
everything is organized your pillows I mean your toilets your everything is so
good I like the way they create this idea a very tall and
vertical Furniture so you can sit everything in it and the toilet separate
from the shower and you have another extra Furniture here where you can have
all your stuff in it so very organized again the breeze the lights and the view
is something that it’s remarkable in this beautiful property let’s continue
looking around because this place is really nice
[Music] let’s go and see this
yesl look if you love barbecue they have a special place for your barbecue right
there this is good everything is ready to go everything is organized you don’t
have to worry about anything actually you have air all the equipment here pump
pressure electrical systems internet one of the best internet and electricity
right here so ready to go [Music]
this is actually where you’re gonna live you’re gonna park your boat you have so
much space I have something else I forgot to tell you
this island it comes with everything in it it’s a turnkey deal two boats
all the furniture everything so actually you only need to bring is your clothes
and your spirit and your energy that’s it
[Music] thank you very much for watching this
video today guys I really enjoy I do you know here in Nicaragua and the Beautiful
big lake of Granada it’s something you can find in a unique situation it’s
Islands 365 Islands so don’t forget subscribe to
the channel give me those like to continue working for you continue
bringing to you more information and more properties like this one if you
want to make an offer say Carlos send me more information here you are my
telephone number in my email and very soon this profit is going to be in the
mobile so thank you Jesse for watching I mean for filming today thank you you for
watching this video I hope to see you in the next adventure
[Music] thank you

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