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Hey hey welcome to another episode this is Carlo Gutierrez advisor today I have
a great surprise for you you really want to see what a million dollar view it
looks like we have to work together this beautiful home thank you to join to this
new adventure let’s go [Music]
okay guys I promise you to look together a beautiful home this is what I call a
over Lake View Property we are above 4 000 square feet above the ocean level
catching the amazing view of the big lake of Granada here in Nicaragua and
the Granada City this beautiful open concept dining
Living Kitchen balcony everything’s well located and nicely layout this you can
tell is a nice set of furniture made of handmade hardwood nice quality your TV
set a nice frame light features all incorporated into the ceiling roof
nicely walking through here to the kitchen facilities with a nice balcony
above where also we’re gonna find a beautiful Juliet Balcony in a few
seconds and that is what I call a million dollar View
thank you let’s go and take a look together how
they set up and design this beautiful handmade kitchen everything here is
definitely from local materials like nice cabinet and doors made of wood
very nice glass and frame also these beautiful hardwood everything is well
done and set up one other thing I like about this space here is how they design
the conception of open in between dining living and get a beautiful Breeze from
the lake this is a gorgeous and beautiful place
to live definitely it’s only 35 minutes from Granada into the mountains
surrounded by coffee beans and these amazing mountains the property is
telling you happiness [Music]
let’s go and take a look to this one of the first Master Suite of this beautiful
home let’s go
huh told you this place has so many surprises and this is one of those this
is one of the two Master Suite of this beautiful home here I can’t catch the
entire view of the lake of Granada here in Nicaragua and right there you can
catch the view of the cathedral from the colonial city of Granada it’s amazing
how this place make you feel so peaceful calm and fresh and cool huge Windows
like doors huge long vertical glasses are catching 100
24 7 that beautiful view I can imagine right here in a romantic moment getting
my coffee writing a book or reading a book or working on my computer with that
amazing view and something else how can you see the vegetation from here is
amazing this place is definitely gorgeous let’s keep walking this
beautiful property and I’m want to hear all your comments about this place very
soon it’s going to be in all the social media we have and check this out Master
king size mattress headboard made of handmade wood piece
nice shelves light features a lot of Windows ceiling fan where I don’t think
you’re gonna need it so the place definitely is telling you is fresh and
cool [Music]
thank you check this out guys this is what I call
a surprise this is the second master suite located in the first floor a they
have their own space for your kitchenette a beautiful antique a piece
of wood and beautiful furniture look at this made of wood real ontake from the
old time a place for set up your breakfast and that is what I call a
romantic sweet spot and one more thing they thought about everything here
beautiful bed just close to the jacuzzi catching that view high ceiling big
Windows what else do you need this is definitely a romantic place guys if
you’ve been thinking to look for a place that is perfect getaway quiet safe great
location but catch the best the best view in around Granada that’s it
[Music] thank you
also has a nice balcony set up above the kitchen from where you have a panoramic
view of this this amazing home you have your own private Garden inside the home
that is catching all the light because of the Scott light right there and then
from here you can see a beautiful you know section of the living and the
dining and also you don’t miss at all that beautiful window in slide doors
look in the lake this is where you have this beautiful
Juliet Balcony which is made of a door with a beautiful frame wood and
glass and a nice Steel Incorporated to give it some strength from here check
this beautiful view of the landscaping and the parking size
here they are very smart to use this beautiful balcony here with this made of
wood ceramic metal and right here you can see
during the afternoon here it’s a beautiful time to relax here you can
imagine yourself overlooking the view of these and the trees all around the house
the property I told you is about 1.73 acres of land so you have enough room in
between you and the neighbors so definitely the Privacy is guaranteed all
the time [Music]
this is what I call a P4 hidden garden this is where you can spend all the time
by yourself and your spirit beautiful place beautiful place to relax and enjoy
life [Music]
thank you
having a great time in a party here some glasses of wine some cup of coffee in
the morning you have another setup table for eight people the two master suites
surrounding the area in the middle they live in the kitchen and the dining area
as well this is a two-story home with a god gray view of the lake of Granada
trees beautiful vegetation cool weather
probably over 3 000 feet above the ocean level gonna guarantee you the coolness
and the freshness of this place it’s definitely quiet it’s what you can
call a getaway and here this way you can see it out every day and just catching
that beautiful sightseeing guys I hope you enjoyed this video today because
definitely this is a place that you need to consider to put on your list foreign

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