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welcome to another episode thank you guys for watching this video today I
know I love Metallica salute for those people who love to list in Metalica
great in the 80s and the 90s thank you Metallica for that music so anyway guys
where am I right now I am in w w beach a beautiful five bedrooms five bathrooms
huge parking space a beautiful swimming pool and you know what it’s right on the
[Music] beach
[Music] look at this huge parking space probably
six car easily the main gate doors coming in and boom boom boom you have a
lot of room especially when you come with your friends and family that’s is
actually a beautiful main entrance classic design a lot of wood big windows
and doors where you can go straight to the beach not that far away
probably 20 M only that’s actually great then we have here something else where
you have a little swim chair with bamboo this is very cool this
is really really cool your kids going to H going to love this house definitely
going to love this house something else that I forgot to tell you guys the honor
set up a huge sstn all this section here he built a underground syst where you
can see here is the top open it wow look at that Jesso huge
all is concrete and it has a system that cut all the water when it comes from the
city actually you have over 30,000 ,000 L of
water actually the house was rebuilt actually they renovated they put new
windows on the top slide doors which is great for the ventilation especially
coming from the ocean and push all the heat so actually inside you can feel an
open concept on your right you have a two bedrooms and the kitchen laundry and
also an extra room for the service right here I have two more bedrooms each one
has a bathroom and air conditioning and water
heater this is probably is a master suite it’s one of the biggest room in
the house but they did what they did here is they set two huge beds chairs a
beautiful table so you have a lot of room here especially when you comes with
the family and your kids and look that way you have the bathroom which is also
roomy so this one actually it’s connecting to the teras directly from
these two doors and from here you can see the swimming pool right there
beautiful size and also a sofa and a table with nice columns made of um wood
but made actually from eucalypt tree so you can tell one two
three it feel like a little bit of a colonial style but from here you catch
all the breeze and you can walk straight to the Sandy Beach of w so in the
meantime we continue looking around
okay okay that’s where we have a nice swimming pool right here look at that
look at the size it’s like a curve a little funky but nice with this rock I
mean not rocking chairs actually smoke chairs with the umbrella very classic
when you are on the beach one two three sets of two chairs and then you can see
how the honor complete the the whole experience with this local round table
and rustic chairs made of beautiful pieces of of wood and you have one and
two with this little Palapas watching the ocean surrounded by
these coconut trees this tiny tiny coconut trees and then from here you can
see the rest of the house where the teras is I can tell they put a lot of
love into this place especially with the tiles the floor and they have two
outside one outside shower with a toilet which is very convenience when you come
in fromont the beach you have a lot of sand you want to clean your shoes your
feets and then done you can go to the house so actually the house was designed
in the way that you your friends everyone’s going to have a great time
take a look to it how they set out another section where you have this very
cool table and and and benches with that little roof and for your privacy and
protection and security you have this extra fence from where you can catch the
view of the ocean then Rocky Sandy waves especially if you like
[Music] surfing thank you guys for watching this
episode today it’s been so fun so amazing especially when you found
something like this like sick and bye propery on the beach thank you for just
filming all that great job Jessel thank you very much and don’t forget if you’re
looking for a property like this on the beach here are my telephone number and
my email I can help you how you can make an offer and very soon you’re going to
see this house in all my social media so thank you for watching give me those
like subscribe to the channel see you in the next adventure
[Music] oh

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