#22478 FLASH SALE! An Acre of Land + Countryside House for Retirement in Granada – Only $68K!

[Music] this is a beautiful definitely beautiful
and quiet location something very important when you’re looking on the
countryside is the water power internet and Road that’s something you can easily
get in this property beautiful trees surrounding this house going to keep the
fresh and cool weather so if you’re ready to make an offer and say Carlos
I’m looking something like that that I can convert for myself and I need some
help how can I buy this property here you are my telephone number and my email
and I can tell you how you can get this opportunity right
[Music] away
[Music] [Applause]
[Music] this is what I like about houses on the
countryside because they make a replication of a country style home
where you can actually enjoy the surrounded all the trees and the hills
and the beautiful view from mombacho actually guys you can see the house is
under construction right now and it’s getting great many customers are say
Carlos I’m looking something easy to handle for me so 2,000 square ft on the
roof is perfect so definitely the house can be customized up to your standard
cuz you have so much room you could do another unit next door imagine for your
friends or for rentals so let’s continue looking around inside the house where I
have this beautiful [Music]
you see at this part of the construction this is where you can customize the
house on your own for example you can customize a kitchen area customize your
own tile for the floor windows and doors so basically you can make this house
with your own [Music]
[Music] style
you know guys when you have a beautiful property like this one
4,898 squ me you can imagine what can I do with such a beautiful place so
muchroom excellent topographical layout and it’s a long Square property actually
you could subdivide it into maybe two maybe three houses the road in the
middle connecting to that beautiful country home so don’t forget guys this
is something you can definitely find today for a price right
[Music] thank you guys for watching this video
today I’m sure you’ve been looking something special like this property
maybe here you are my telephone number and my email and don’t forget we’re
going to be in this property with all the social media so don’t forget
subscribe to the channel give me those like and see you in the next
adventure that

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