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hello how you doing I hope you enjoyed a great time we are in Nicaragua thank you
for watching this video today we are going to tour a four bedrooms two
bathrooms right on the beach in Playa Miramar which is actually 1 hour north
from Manawa k [Music]
perfect just just perfect actually guys when you have a house on the beach you
don’t have to do a lot basically what you need to do is create an atmosphere
that is open concept easy access to the beach rooms on the S and right in the
middle like this casage you have a kitchen dining area open space doors
that are pour in I mean making the transition to the Tash from where you
have that beautiful view from the ocean this is what I’m talking about a
functional Kitchen yes very functional look at this the stove on one side and
then the sink and everything is made of concrete especially if you’re thinking
to have a property like this this is great I like it look at this high
ceiling that’s what I’m saying about having a high ceiling on the ocean
especially when it’s very hot this helps you to keep the flow and the
ventilations constantly going the windows on the side helping you to get
all the light so you don’t feel dark and uncomfortable actually if you open these
windows the cross ventilation going to keeps this place always cool and
fresh you’re going to find out that you have a very EAS I mean easy going and
good flow in between the rooms two bedrooms on one side and another two
bedrooms on the other side these ones are sharing one bathrooms each every
room is completely uh furnished with a closet air conditioning ceiling fan and
a nice side
mattress this is the ter that has a nice brand new roof oh yeah brand new and
that’s something else that I like about is the view from here it’s just perfect
look at the view guys beautiful I can feel the breeze from here right there
and then there is a beautiful s scene from here look at the ocean beautiful
just beautiful take a look to the rest of the beach side that’s where I told
that’s me them
that’s the gate for coming from the road where you have a plenty plenty room for
for your parking space you can actually fit over six cars oh yeah tracks pickup
tracks everything because it’s plenty plenty and the neighbors is also for
[Music] sale thank you guys for watching this
video today I hope you really enjoy this information especially For You who’ve
been searching looking and say Carlos I want to have something right on the
beach I would like to get a full bedrooms home with beach front parking
space safe nicely done and easy going there you go here you are my telephone
number and my email and don’t forget give me that like subscribe to the
channel so I can bring to you more information like this and very soon
we’re going to have this property in all our social social media so thank you for
following us on YouTube We Grow and growing every month thank you for you
and thank you for the team that is helping me to put together this video
and make your decision easier see you in the next
[Music] adventure

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