Casa Tropical Uncovered: A Journey into Granada’s Most Enchanting Outdoor Living Spaces! #expatlife

[Music] I’m so happy to to be here today we’re
are going to talk to um my friend Ivan he’s an amazing guy who create I mean
unbelievable concept houses in Granada nicara thank you Ian thank you very much
for and this today we don’t have coffee
because said no Carlos I don’t need coffee too much energy so Ian is always
running running running running and it’s I can tell why because he creat
something I will say unique in Granada and and when I walk through the the
property you will you will see the video and you will say wow that’s is kind of a
ecliptic concept like a huge combination of different elements color texture and
of course design how will you describe this place how
will you describe this proper before I do I say anything
actually it’s not about you there is two of us know there is your mark as well
exactly we do everything together and uh you know he you know he has like a
little bit more of a creative thing and I have more of a of a seeing how it fits
thing so johe Mark is his partner so is this is a hotel It’s a combination of of
two kind like it’s a complete combination hello
John Mark and um and um yeah we came up with
the idea to do something because travel was so successful we came with the idea
to do something that was a little bit more eclectic in the entire uh you know
the entire property so like uh I really don’t want to do like the cookie cutter
houses every house is the safe we wanted to do something different that has a
different influences and this house in particular
is something that we have never done because it’s something that is like uh
more on the modern side it’s a mid-century modern uh architecture yes
but that has extremely strong tropical uh feeling in it as you can probably
tell there is greener R Gardens everywhere and uh that’s the main part
of the house is the gardens that are included in the house and um that’s why
we you know were able to do that mid-century mod thing because we adapted
to The Outdoor Living which is exactly what we do yeah like the pool and the
spot where you have the beautiful uh bed yeah which is a made of uh TIG wood you
know everything we design is based on outdoor living everything that we do is
outdoor besides the bedroom but the living room is outdoor the dining room
is outdoor um everything is outdoor you know people were asking Carlos do you
name your houses in Granada cuz you know uh 20 years ago I’ve been doing real
estate in Granada you you know and then yeah people name our houses all the time
this is Casa Clarita this is Calo and this is Casa tropical and now you can
understand why you call it Kasa tropical because you want to bring the tropical
indoor Indo exactly in how the house exactly because the people that come
down here like a lot of people come from you know from like uh uh Northern United
States from Canada from like Europe so they don’t have that option to live all
year long in outdoor space yes you know they use
their Garden 3 months of the year they use their Veranda the four months of the
year but they don’t have a all year long outdoor living and people are always
like you know asking about like how about the the mosquitoes and something
there is no more than any anywhere anywhere else you know once you have
good friends everywhere you’re good for everything perfect you know another
thing I can see the difference between this home Tropic C tropical and toana
and the two first one and I know you have under construction other ones right
now sold already so you have the chance to make a resurrection for this one is
you saying this is the first time we’re using using wood most of the wood that
you’re using I can tell that the same wood you use on the bed is also the one
at the teras which is below the the main suite and that is also TI wood so T old
wood besides the this because of obviously there is no TI of this size at
all but everything else that is here the walls and stuff is all thick the doors
are all all Heavy TI uh everything has been out of TI I can even the catwalk
that doesn’t look like wood but it’s actually TI wood oh
yeah black at night how you will describe this house at night I can tell
you put a lot of effort and it looks and it looks amazing that’s what you were
expecting to to make look like at night is a different amb it’s completely
different you have a different feeling when you walk in at night and uh first
of all like all the houses that we do we make sure that we would live in there so
if there is something that does not uh go with our way of living we change it
yeah so uh so there is like I think 30 or 40 lights of uh of Lights EAS that
are all over the places in order to give like all these like pointed like uh like
points of interest all the different plants because all the plants are the
you know they are the stars of the of this house and then the pool has this
fantastic like a Col side with a bench where you at night you sit you know with
like a you know water meat chest and uh you can have your cocktail or your beer
or your glass yeah that’s just your spot to relax and then you can go to the next
section and you can swim and do some and right next door there is like the you
know the living room so we always work that in the in the house the people can
be in any spots of the of the of any point of interest but they can talk to
each other like from here from the pool to the kitchen from the kitchen to the
living room from the living room to the dining room and then back to the pool
beds people can communicate and that’s why our houses are so social and is in
the middle and I like the fact that you have the pool which is also another
thing that is under the sun people always ask me caros how is to keep uh
you know some places they need to hit the water from the swimming pool but you
don’t have to do it here because it’s so wide and open so the Sun goes straight
to the water and that’s going to keep the water warm and it’s ties and the
tiles bring bring out the reflection of the heat so
you you don’t need like you don’t need to to eat your here like it’s very rare
that I’ve s it no no very although if the water is indoor and you don’t leave
any space then it’s going to be cold it can be it can get cold one I made a
house um one of my friend did a house and he put a little deeping pool and he
forgot a few more meters of open man it’s cold but this one is a different
story yeah because this you know in the summer gets like a lot a lot of um you
know another questions it’s uh people coming from other countries you know
they used to have everything that runs the house in the standard concept you
definitely apply that into every home you have done so our customers
potentially can say Carlos everything is in there yes sir you obviously you going
to provide a full information Blueprints and everything’s whatever the customers
needs to know about the house when they buy it and they can make a deposit and
say okay we’re ready to buy the property and wire money to to any ACC in nicara
that’s not difficult so guys that’s another questions people when you’re not
in the country asking question how can you purchase a house in the country and
a house so you are an example You Came From Italy or France or New York and
then you bought a house and you bought many other land so
you everything yeah yeah you you can you know you can do it you can legally buy
like a land you can legally buy a house um you know everything like you would do
in any other any other country so guys if you’re interested to learn more about
Kasa tropical Ivan is going to be available and anytime you need more
questions about what else do you need to know before just say Carlos that’s the
house I’m looking for also rent these houses are so nicely done and the
location is so convenient two blocks away from the main
street so it’s also a good rental unit for high-end customers especially
looking that kind of quality and service and definitely it’s not you know it’s
not allowed to do events or anything like this but as rental the other owners
like occasionally rent their houses as well some more some less and um and
that’s a good income you know when you don’t use the house exactly and I’m glad
to hear that so you have some policies about keeping the privacy and to be sure
that people are not doing crazy business I mean parties noise there’s not allow
parties no allowed events stuff of course the owners can do their own event
with like you know like a previous uh um you know like um cing us like you know
head so we can let everybody know there’s going to be an event but that’s
the owners that can do that it’s a residential private secure neighborhood
it’s not a party house you know like a FR house neighborhood is not like but
it’s uh but it’s a you know first of all residential and then of course it’s an
it’s an you know it’s an income definitely the house it’s is given a
great potential for even if you come to the city for just vacation if you have a
wedding or you want to have a special family reunion I mean is everything is
so private and easy to walk to the main street so thank you very much Ian thank
you always pleas my pleasure pleasure and don’t forget to subscribe to the
channel Channel and if you want to learn more about casat tropical here’s my
telephone number in my email and we’re going to tell you how you can make a a
reservation today and if you want to see the house you can send me a text or
email and we can organize the day so Ian can prepare the house for you and see
why Casta tropical is definitely a unique concept I hope to see this video
very entertaining and learn a lot what’s going on in Granada today so thank you
very much and we want to see you at the next adventure
[Music] hola
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