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[Music] so thank you guys for watching this
video today Carlo Gutierrez I’m in nicara a little bit of you know some
some what is the name of those shis no oh Nats Nats okay guys thank you for
watching me is behind the camera today my friend Kevin C no Kevin C Kevin Hulk
yes Kevin Hulk h Kevin thank you brother thank you very much for this film really
appreciate thank you for aftering yeah and thank you for the coffee man yeah
you know be honest with you we don’t have my creep we don’t know what we’re
going to talk about it actually and we’re looking to to tell you what the
story of Cavin how did he find n and uh when that happened you know how
do you say Carlos I’m coming I remember when you were shouting with me on on on
what Instagram or YouTube well I first saw you on YouTube and um it it was kind
of hard to miss as soon as I looked up niik rwin property it was like Carlos
International worldwide so you’re everywhere and so I kept watching
watching some of your um your YouTube you know commercials and stuff
and and you’re just showing different properties and I was like this guy knows
what he’s doing well I don’t know if I’m I know if I know what I’m doing but for
sure I can tell you meu um the whole team is behind the Comas and we’ve been
working for over two years to create something that we feel like we like and
uh you know it’s just trying to tell the story why Nia is interesting and like
you I’m an investor too so you know I also buy and renovate properties like
this beautiful home you have now now we’re going to talk about this later but
you know a lot of people ask questions you know why nicara what’s going on
there you know a lot of information wrong information definitely real true
information too because you have to go through a lot of those questions yeah so
my my experience in Nicaragua um happened um late 200 uh
16ish and um I was actually you know really inspired to it
was inspired to come by someone in church actually on a missions trip so
you learn about nicara because do Mission yeah so the first time I ever
came to Nicaragua um I didn’t know what to expect because you know you hear one
thing about a country before you visited and and sometimes the stereotypes are
reinforced and sometimes they’re completely uh not true and so you have
to really really come here in person to experience How Sweet the people are and
out of all the countries I’ve been to the one thing that I liked about
nicaragu was definitely the sincerity of the people um it was just the culture
and the richness that that is here yeah but definitely there are so many places
in nicara that even ncas we don’t still know every every right but you had the
chance to go everywhere I mean like mat Alpa and EST and all those areas I had a
unique um privilege to be loved on by people here in Nicaragua and created a
network of friends and family that actually took me to several different
areas and showed me S Juan Del sir you further south towards Costa Rico of
course the you know the surfing community and you know the clifftop you
know beautiful homes overlooking the ocean and and and that’s really cool I
love that um who doesn’t like the water right but you know I’m in my 50s now my
kids are growing and I’m not exactly in shape the surf anymore I look like a
beach ball not a beach bump taking all that cool look the dad look you know got
going so and I’m comfortable on my own skin light way but when I start thinking
about being further out and you know actually looking at properties I I
thought about the country I thought about the investment opportunity I
thought about the stability I thought about many things that people getting uh
throw you know the retire cashed in my retirement my wife and I cashed in our
retirement to actually to invest in Nicaragua because we believe in the
people we believe in this country we we see it moving forward with an infr
structure it’s changed so many in so many ways since I moved here or you know
been coming here and I can just see I see so many
improvements but Granada was you fly into managa and instead of driving two
or 3 hours or staying in this big city you can actually take a 40 to 45 minute
ride you know to Granada which is a historical Paradise but no you’re right
I mean the country it’s like everywhere you know when spaner came and all these
evolution and development the city like Granada is right now and also Leon city
which is another that’s another topic but you know these two areas especially
G now it’s definitely moving forward with customers like what you did and
what you doing now and it was the blessing that you said car you know what
definitely I’m into it idea to buy something in in granal I remember you
and I were looking around ocean from ocean view properties and then you said
no caros you know what I remember that I said no my wife and I want to be very
simple we want to have the chance to go and back and forth and rent this place
out and I can tell you congratulations because you have done a amazing job
you’re going to have on the video guys next episode what he did with this
beautiful Colonial home and this is just one fraction of a whole size home
because you were surprised some sometimes you you can buy a one size
home is over 5,000 square ft right but for some reason like you found this
place to say Carlos that’s what I’m looking for which was great cuz you
found some base already good moons and then you you put your own touch well I
have to say you know you were a huge part of that process you know a big
thing I I have a history in real estate also and you know I had to feel peace
about who I was working with and I had to have a little bit of trust um because
you know I live in Florida yeah there quite some ways away and when we’re
working in another country that I’m not real familiar with real estate laws and
rules and different things for expats and and and the different things that we
have to go through you made that process very comfortable and in the beginning I
thought well he’s just pretty good at real estate and then after spending a
day or two my wife and I with you we realize that now you just good in real
estate you’re a great person and and I don’t know but now now people in
business are great people you know they just do business and they’re by you know
after all these months we’re still still drinking coffee together we’re still
having lunch together it’s a relationship yeah so we had trust we
built trust in you but the greatest thing um that I can say about you and
this is a plug for you because I’m just honest and I think this is what makes a
difference with going with someone that you can trust we found a property on the
ocean initially your own view we had everything and it was for a great price
under our price point we could afford it and for some odd reason I don’t know why
but I just didn’t feel peace even after putting earnest money down
and taking it off the market and starting to go through the procedures of
purchasing it I just didn’t feel peace about that property and my biggest fear
was what if I go down you know go back and tell Carlos I don’t feel peace I’m
going to let him down on the cell he put spend so much time with me and my wife
I’m this this is going to be horrible I was I was losing sleep over it yeah and
the day came and I said I need to speak to you for you know about something and
I sat down with you and the attorney and said listen guys guys I know it’s a good
deal and I know it’s exactly what I describe I
and and I’m sorry that I have to let you down but I said I just don’t feel peace
and rather than being around the bush or go and saying oh this is the best deal
for you you’re backing out of a great deal he said man if you don’t feel peace
about it look for another property it was that simple and I was like that is
someone that’s looking after my best interest not only for monetary
standpoint but from my heart standpoint that’s worth something thank you thank
you that’s very important we’re going to ride back and going to get more couple
coffee and we’re going to talk about the house that he purchased in Granada yes
which is amazing it’s going to be on the rental market too so I’m going to leave
you in the description below also the contact but before to come back I’m
going to get my cup of [Music]
stay tuned next episode thank you for watching guys don’t forget subscribe to
the channel and I want to see you in the next adventure who knows the next
interview thank you for all my friends following this channel thank you me
who’s behind the cerad she’s been working hard with the two ceras at the
same time and she likes coffee too so so see you soon God

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