NEW PRICE! Beachfront Property For Sale in Nicaragua @ Coco Beach Rivas | $595,000 USD #22444

[Music] look at this beautiful sunset guys this
is what I’m calling about a beautiful beach front
property if you love The Beach area this is it look at that huge Corridor it’s
like a terrass looking over the beach that’s
actually something that also is is important to say where we are this is
actually south from San Juan desur town and you can see Costa Rica from here if
you can see the mountains on the very back over there that’s Costa Rica look
at that beautiful
[Music] beach that’s a beautiful view from here
here this is the open concept kitchen dining and living room
also um share the space with that beautiful mesine everything since made
of [Music]
[Music] wood we are just catching the sunset
here in Playa Coco there you go imagine yourself sitting on those rucking chairs
looking the way with a p colada why not before to forget
guys the house is going to be sold completely furnished which is a turnkey
deal everything you see here is going to be part of the deal everything so you
don’t need to bring almost nothing just your clothes your energy and your
adventure your spirit adventure to enjoy the
[Music] beach
the kitchen it’s um it’s functional it’s actually pretty good size good size
stove and everything all the ERS there you go pretty classic design which is a
beautiful combination with the ceiling also made of wood and the lights into
it this is the main master room that has a window looking the ocean
every room is fully equipped with its bathroom
closet good size big room so that’s something you’re going to be very happy
to see in this beach from property because people love to beach to have a
beach house because they want to have fun with friends and family so you need
a lot of room this place pass [Music]
this is the section where you will connect directly from the main entrance
to the adjacent uh bedrooms we have three bedrooms on this side and this is
the stairs that going to take you directly to the mesine where you can
have a beautiful view from the whole house especially the kitchen dining and
living area look at the beautiful woodwork they did on the ceiling roof
beautiful job check it out everything here is made of Heartwood so
quality is definitely justifies in this beautiful ocean prone home we are
located 45 minutes from San Juan dour the road is an excellent condition guys
you’re going to see that so it’s good to have a nice vacation time when you come
to this [Music]
place that’s another room that is over I mean that is looking the
ocean you can see that the light is very intense right now we’re talking about
like it’s 4:00 and that’s when the light from the ocean side is really intense
but you can have a great look of the room which is high
ceiling everything is in place you know closet air conditioning and a good size
bathrooms like [Music]
one of the thing I really um like it’s the way they design these windows PVC
windows with that um curtain that is made of um metal which also works as a
protection or as a security device when you’re not in the
that’s a beautiful ocean front section guys one of the thing they really did
well is the retain walls they actually used lift up the land another meter few
meters more than 3 meters that’s something that the owner was telling me
because they want to be sure that when you have a hot tie you don’t won’t have
any problem you won’t have any problem with that so basically you are protected
from the high tie from the ocean do not hit the the house so you won’t have any
issue getting water into the house that’s actually something an extra value
to it because most of the houses when I see this they put it so close to the
sand and flat on it so you never can you can never prevent when you’re going to
have a high tide so that’s is very important to remark because you are
protecting your investment
look this this is what I’m talking about at parking space you can actually fit
over 20 cars in this massive property we talking about over 2,000 square met land
clear title private ownership So when you buy this proper it’s going to be in
your name completely and it’s all designed and the way that you can feel
super relaxed quiet and comfortable right on the beach you don’t need to
walk that far away from the Sandy Beach because it’s just right there look at
this this is the wall that belongs to this property so it’s actually goes all
around the property line an extra things that I need to tell you guys is this
property is also in the same is in a package deal where beside this land you
also can buy an extra piece of property which is a similar size of over 2,000
square met which is that one over there that’s where the family that is taking
care of this property they are living there they actually do a great job
keeping this place all the time organized and clean look at it they have
a whole house two bedrooms one bathroom kitchen and is actually a land that is
going up up up up so if you want to incorporate another extra uh cabines in
the very back with the ocean view that’s an option that you can also take so
definitely guys this is an interesting package deal because you’re not just
buying one property you’re actually getting two properties with the same
almost the same size of the lane this is the road that is connecting Playa Coco
where I am right now now with San
juand okay guys if you’re ready to make an offer and you say Carlos I’m been
looking exactly that kind of beach front property here you are my telephone
number my email I’m going to be very happy to talk to you and tell you
exactly all how can you buy this place how can you make a reservation what’s
the legal steps before to buy a property in nicara just give me a Hol send me a
text or an email I love to see and explore this kind of beach pront
properties that we have in narwa especially on Playa C see you the next

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