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today we have a great adventure guys we are going to look at beautiful home two
bedrooms swimming pool parking space 1.2 Acres land 2 km away from the city of
Granada so let’s go and take a look to this beautiful
[Music] place
[Music] walking through this property you can
tell immediately right after you walk through the fence always it’s a gate
door you have a plenty room of the garden fruit trees a barbecue and bapa
right on your right hand after that you can see the swimming pool is a lap
swimming pool excellent for making your practic in exercise the porch well the
porch actually is closed by gate doors walking through you see the chairs the
round tables and then after that the main entrance door which is going to
take you to the kitchen on the right hand the dining area in the middle and
the TV set room on the left immediately you have the storage room and the
laundry on the left you have the first master suite in the first floor with its
own big bathrooms and walking
Clos [Music]
then the stairs going to take you straight to the second master suite
walk-in closet a beautiful balcony catching the view from the lake and the
volcano and of course it’s on master bath pling room in each this is a two
s [Music]
the property has a 1.2 Acres land and the house itself is
3,728 square ft or 346 square m it’s located in a private
gated community which actually you don’t have to spend a lot of money to keep up
on the places like you know the road and clean the houses the view from the area
is amazing the elevation of the property provides the perfect situation for
catching the view from the big city of Granada and the lake completely fence
property there is a golf practice area with a pudding area located 1 Kil east
of Laguna apoo and close to carera masaya 35 minutes to Manawa and 40
minutes to the international
airport thank you very much guys for keep watching this video don’t forget to
subscribe to my channel and keep looking for more new adventures if you want to
know more about this place how can you buy it how can you make an offer I’m
going to give you my telephone number and my email send me a text and I’m
going to be happy to take care for you thank you for watching guys see you to
the next [Music]

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