SOLD! Perfect Vacation House in San Juan del Sur | Lots for Sale in San Juan del Sur | #22528


thank you guys for watching this video today thank you me who’s behind the
camera and today we are going to look into beautiful property that is
overlooking the ocean view from San juand de B where I am what is the name
of this house you have to stay tuned to this video I’m going to tell you exactly
how can you make this investment as a potential passive income here in sanur
nicara and if you’re looking for Ocean View lot we found something very
interesting for you and for your future
investment Cha Cha Cha that’s the name of this house is definitely a house for
sale and for rent if you want to know more about how can you rent this place
I’m going to give you at the description below this video how you can contact me
and say Carlos I’m looking to rent a house like that during the weekend or
during my holidays but if you’re looking as an investment it’s definitely a
no-brainer one of the best reviews you can find around this area gach cha chaa
Hass it you can tell the reviews the location all the features like the
swimming pool the barbecue the view from the bay the two stories four bedrooms
with 4 and a half bathrooms it makes this house fully equipped and complete
for your groups and your friends or your family everything you need is right here
internet air conditioning water heater parking space everything at the same
place and next door around this Casa cha chaa I have each lot also for sale
if you make a deal we can make a whole package for you so let’s continue
looking around guys because everything around the sand Sur Bay is definitely
upcoming and the new Coastal road is happening right now that is another Plus
for your future [Music]
I likea I like the way they set up everything the furniture the colors and
you know what the view this house has two levels well actually has three
levels because the heel and the second on the third level you have the rooms
with that view here you have the kitchen the dining area the living the half
baths and the transition through the slide doors you can get to the barbecue
and to the swimming pool this deal it comes with everything
inside all the furniture every appliances is part of the
deal thank you guys for watching this video today thank you meu for being
filming today and here you are my telephone number and my email and don’t
forget we’re going to have this house very soon in all the social media if
you’ve been searching and looking for that Ocean View pass it income
investment gasa chaaa definitely has everything you need and if you also say
Carlos I’m looking for an ocean view lot over 1,000 square meter here you are my
information and all the details that you need to know about how you can purchase
a house OA property here in San Juan desur Nicaragua thank you guys I want to
see you and the next [Music]

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