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okay so here we are brother thank you very much for coming today oh I know
you’re welcome I appreciate it thank you this is I didn’t know I was gonna have a
breakfast like this this is the beautiful really authentic Nicaraguan
food yes this is what you’re gonna expect when you go to any Nicaraguan
house definitely the Gallo Pinto you cannot start your breakfast without
Galloping can you explain well Cayo Pinto guys is
a combination between rice and beans the red beans actually any Latinos Latinos
we have different variations of gallupintos you go to Costa Rica you go
to Guatemala you go to Dominicana you go to the Atlantic coast and even in
Mexico we have a different way to mix the rice and the beans okay and of
course we change the name because we also put a little different kind of
tasty things like sauces you know but definitely is the main core the beans
and the rice fried cheese I noticed that everywhere I go is popular in Nicaragua
that’s what I noticed very popular but let me try this guy open toe first right
yeah I should try it first all right let’s see
hmm I like the flavor yeah Smoky a little
bit Smoky you know it has a very distinct flavor to it and it tastes
really good as it as I chew on it in my mouth it tastes really
good thank you I like it I like it and then you have another mix you know the
tortilla and we love to do the tortilla with the cheese
you take it like this and I’m sure I’m gonna make like a taco with the tortilla
you know like this you wanna put some eggs in it and everything like that if
you want let me get a pea let me get a piece of that the bread you got over
there right here all right brother let me try this right here okay
is it really spicy it’s okay I love spices I love spicy
food try this one then let’s see oh man look at that one oh oh this is
gonna be something special oh yeah you know I like it spicy really I like I
like I like my um my my spices like women I like them hot
and spicy okay sorry guys that won’t be on the video right
that’s very hot okay yes oh what do you think about the coffee you know what I
think about it yeah I finish it there’s no more coffee
no more coffee I drink it all there you go this was delicious we’re gonna make a
tour very soon I’m gonna invite you to go to these tourists in the mombacho
there is a guy there that explained to you how the coffee was introducing
Nicaragua I was in shock when they said no no no the coffee came in the 1840.
eventually people started to request for a coffee coffee and somebody said hmm
coffee okay that sounds like make some money and that’s how I think they
started to generate more production about the coffee and there you go now we
have probably one of the best coffee in the world
really so that’s one of the the mo that’s one
of the most uh the cash crop of Nicaragua is coffee coffee they import
all over the world all over the world we have the coffee the meat the sugar soy
beans you know we have so many things in Nicaragua we produce a commodity that
that’s why a lot of people are thinking real estate is one of those things I can
go for and then why not to explore other ideas so like like what you did you you
actually thank you very much by the way for coming and buy that property I hope
you enjoy that house man that has a beautiful home man no I love it uh I’ve
been staying there on my vacation right now and um I totally love it and and
thank you for introducing it to me because you know how we met yeah I we
met I was um come in here on vacation I was looking
around on the Airbnb and I see the Airbnb I want it and then I talked to
you I communicate with you and I believe your wife as well your wife communicated
with me on on there and now she answered all my questions you answer all my
questions and then after I booked your Airbnb
um I wanted to find out more about you I’m like who’s this guy Carlos I don’t
know this guy Carlos he but you know he speak English let me see what he’s about
and then then on Airbnb I looked and I see that um
that you’re real estate I was like well I am interested in looking at some
investment yeah uh opportunities I was looking for opportunities here so what I
did is um call Carlos I like Carlos are you a realtor he’s like yeah bro
whatever you need if you have any questions this and that I was like okay
send me some places I could look at and that’s how I found the place that I’m at
now which I’m almost about to close the deal I’m totally happy I’m about to
bring my family my friends here to enjoy the gym that I found here in Nicaragua
thank you all due to this guy right here man well you know meant to be God put
you on the road definitely I believe in that very truly and it was something
that I just had no way that’s the house especially when you describe it’s a
Carlos I’m looking decent isn’t it that makes sense and you know the most
important thing is that you the house may click with you yeah you found it as
soon as I walk you through the place yeah I loved it and you know I’m coming
from Miami I have a few friends here I don’t know anything about the real
estate or the economy but Carlos you helped me really understand the
development things that’s going on and that’s very helpful and also trusting
someone because you know I’m spending a lot of money here you got to have a
certain amount of trust yeah in the person and and I did my research and I’m
totally happy I met you around thank you very much totally totally happy I met
you man my pleasure actually let me tell you I’m very pleased to hear that
because that was one of the main things that my mentor Nancy Bergman Nancy bird
came from like so from San Francisco and she said Carlos um what do you like to
do real estate I said okay quite frankly I did not think about that
and then she said you know wait a minute she said you got to meet a lot of people
coming from different countries and you need to understand all the questions
they do which is how is the country what it’s like the political things and the
financial yeah that’s important yeah so those are fundamental questions like
every human gonna make a question especially imagine I go I’m going to
Miami to visit you so I’m gonna make a video with him and me in Miami because
if I want to open a business in another country let’s say Miami I’m sure I’m
going to ask you a lot of questions so I said well you know that makes sense yes
and another thing is um my team the team that I work with
which is you know like Meadow and the rest of the team that do the management
we also do um improvements and development oh
property development exactly property development and so I understand the
other side of the coin put it that way I know I also I’m a customer I’m also try
to achieve my projects I also try to understand how is the business right now
I should do it or not is that the right location so in my experiences why not to
transfer the same experience I have as Anika in Nicaragua doing the same thing
but now giving you the same tips and if that can help you oh man that’s great
and I understand exactly so don’t get me wrong I have the same questions going
through the same concerns but when you like the the attorney that
you made that was perfect it was helping you you know also thank you for that guy
thank you for hearing uh Camilo Carmelo my attorney he’s the one that’s
overseeing all the contracts and everything working closely with uh
Carlos’s attorneys and everything like that so exactly everything just came
together everything is working out and everything is happening right now um I’m
following my dreams to own a vacation home slash Airbnb home in another
country in Nicaragua where the cost of living is so low it’s like yes I do want
to retire here one day yes the United States is getting so expensive I want it
to look elsewhere for investment and Carlos totally helped me achieve that
and I’m totally grateful I’m very grateful thank you thank you
professional [Music]
so guys thank you very much for watching this video today my friend Jackie we had
a glass time together and very blessing moment to enjoy the Nicaragua food
traditional food so if you come to Nicaragua and you want to try this place
it’s called El Rancho Santa
yes okay it’s delicious I I love the meal this is my first meal of the day
and and it tastes great the coffee the um the beans the rice the cheese
everything delicious thank you very much thank you Meadow who’s behind the camera
right now and don’t forget your telephone number and email subscribe and
give me that click to continue looking other videos and stay tuned because
Jackie promised me to come back and try the Naka tamale yes yes I will I will be
back ciao ciao bye
thank you [Music]
thank you

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