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[Music] this is the main Salah actually you can
tell you open the door and you can see these beautiful tiles right in the
center with these classtic lamps high ceiling and these ceiling fence actually
how they found this property I understand back in time it used to be
like a art decot concept and then they converted into a
colonial uh style and one of the thing you’re going to understand about these
houses in Granada is how beautiful they have the Open Garden in the center some
people love to keep the garden some other people love to mix a huge swimming
pool and a garden but definitely because we are so close to the museum and all
these um uh historical zoning people also transform these houses for a rental
income or passive income and you know what look at this they keep all the
style The Taste and the open space so when you customers guest or family enjoy
they come to here they’re going to have a beautiful time enjoy the hly days and
why not to relax after the this you going to go through this beautiful
Arch and then boom you connect to a quarter door
which is the first quarter door you’re going to face the swimming pool and the
[Music] area this is one of the four bedrooms
and you see how they set up three beds a a piece pce a Furniture where you can
put out your clothes but not that big and straight directly to that swimming
pool also we have air conditioning and again they keep the same high ceiling
which is provide that beautiful feeling of all colonial
[Music] homes look at the table size guys
actually the table has a nice feeling you know with this old stylish old
school table in this beautiful piece of furniture right in the corner and
everything here is telling you like a very classic concept I like the way they
keep this window here open window so you catch all the breeze then connecting to
here I can go directly to the kitchen right there where it’s not huge but it’s
actually easy to work in my my fridge my stove all the furniture following
exactly the same concept of the tiles and the splashback with this beautiful
drawing of flowers and this double sink again I have a beautiful view from the
that large swimming pool and you can see at the very back the formation of that
um bugambilia stick to the wall that’s actually very
this is one of the rooms that we have here with its own bathrooms air
conditioning so actually fully equipped again you’re going to feel the same
sense of old style Windows looking over the pool and a lot of space you actually
can feel comfortable with and again the sensation I have in this room and
actually very peaceful you know what when you bring customers and you bring
clients cents and you bring family or if you have this home for rental is a
perfect idea because they’re going to enjoy the time actually swimming all day
cook something and then just relax in this one and because it has its own
bathrooms keeps more privacy again following the same configuration colors
and everything feel like that old school style but at the same time very fun to
[Music] stay
[Music] okay this is actually a huge room it’s
at the first floor I can imagine you can easily feed a suweet here CU you have
plenty of space it’s a single bed look at all the concept I have a bathroom
right here with following beautiful colors and tiles and then all these
decoration and decorative pieces it makes it feel like definitely old style
but at the same time funny because you want to enjoy a colonial taste when you
come to [Music]
granal wow very different style and color those windows air conditioning
look at the floor it’s all made of this line of wood look at the look at the
stairs everything from the way you when you open the door it’s like going into
another kind of atmosphere the house has different ambion and I like the way that
you can see the different section of the house also has different feeling and it
has a good vibe you know what when you have that huge open outdoor swimming
pool that actually domain the whole view of the house that’s what makes that
energy and gravity to it but again when you go into this room I can see how
peaceful and Tran kill I like it the closet is not huge but it’s enough for
you when you are in vacation just to fit enough stuff that you have to and look
it’s just enough but if you buy this propery you always can do your own
different I mean your own changing and customize it then the this
door will go straight to the master bathroom which it has a bath top oh yeah
all the tiles around it also the same color it doesn’t feel like I mean it
feel like a a Maro key style I can see that and then I have a water tack up
above the shower cuz you never know you always need a backup system for water
and water [Music]
it’s a good option to consider on your list I’m going to give you at the
description below my email and my WhatsApp number where you can say call
us I want to know and learn more about how can I buy a property in nicara with
my passport how can I do step one two and three to purchase a property there
and what can I do for making an offer I’m going to hit help you with all the
process so very soon we’re going to have this beautiful Colonial home in all the
social media and don’t forget give me that like subscribe to the channel thank
you Betty who’s been helping us to film and walking through this home that is
ready to be purchased and don’t forget I want to see you in the next
[Music] oh

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