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hey guys how you doing today hello everyone we are going to tour a
beautiful lake front in Granada Nicaragua it’s actually 20 minutes away
from the colonial City and a few more minutes to malaka Toya so thank you for
watching this video and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel so let’s go and
see [Music]
[Music] oh great I like when people use slide
doors because they’re going to save a lot of space you can tell right away a
beautiful Center where you have the leave-in section and the dining area
shared in the space with that kitchenette which is a pretty good size
kitchen with a area for the breakfast how many rooms do we have here we we
have three bedrooms and two bathrooms high ceiling double split air
conditioning in the main living area and each room going to have also its own air
conditioning right away you can sit in here and enjoy the view from the lake
that’s actually a nice view I love the way they put the fence because also keep
the privacy and during the sunset you open those doors and boom you can put a
towel in an umbrella and just enjoy the day so let’s see the rest of the house
this is actually one of the three buildings we have with the Palapa and
right here this is what they call it the main Suite with a huge TV window where
you can see the view but definitely guys if you want to enjoy and relax and take
a rest it’s a perfect size I like the way they set up the main bathroom here
it’s also large with a bathtub tiles and your
[Music] closet
[Music] when you come to the lake or you have a
house on the beach or close to the lake like this one to have an extra water
time back up system in a on a tower or just to have it with a pump system
that’s very important don’t forget that guys when you buy a property on the
ocean or close to the lake the Water Service would not be the best but
definitely you can back it up with that kind of assistant so in this case you
have two two tanks one on the on the above the floor with a pump with a pump
system and by gravity you have an extra tank over there you can see they also
have the antenna for Internet service you have the play ground for your kits
so if you have a potty that’s a great space space and that’s the third
building where you have two bedrooms and one bathrooms is a very basic concept
but you could do a better job and convert it into something completely
different you can do two story here yes you can there are not restrictions like
other locations so if you have this beautiful piece of property with this
shape of the land you can actually add extra rooms if you need to on the second
level again Wide Open Garden two doors coming from the main road you have the
main one and the main entrance which is a double door and you have the gate
doors for your parking space with electronic
assistant [Music]
beautiful space for your parking straight to this Palapa right here you
have a toilet perfect if you’re coming from a swimming swimming Lake and then
right here a shower you want to clean everything from the water you know all
the sand and look at this huge table made of one piece of Timber beautiful
living Edge just under this palaa you can imagine to entertain a potty a happy
birthday or just a family reunion this is excellent your bar the beautiful
tiles keeping that Rusty color outdoor open catch it all the time the breeze
imagine seeting all the chairs and enjoy the sunset right there I want to see the
studio cuz they have an extra Studio office fully equipped with the kitchen a
bathrooms and air conditioning let’s
[Music] go ah look at this
o nothing happened don’t worry anyway wide open your bed and everything you
need here I love the sofa section with your TV air conditioning mandatory view
from the lake catch it all to that breeze love the slide doors with
curtains especially if you want to reduce the light and right here look at
this kitchen size I like it Granite stove everything you need is just right
here with oven and your microwave I’m sure if you plan it for vacation stay
for a couple days this PL has everything you need love the way they frame it with
wood and there you go yes a full and equip full bathrooms right here perfect
open great Breeze and View and a good size bed remember if you have a big
group coming to stay here you can also set up two even three beds no problem
but if you have a reunion you have a wedding or you’re renting this place on
Airbnb or any other platform this home can easily entertain over 20
people thank you guys for watching this video today here you are my telephone
number and my email we’re going to have this listing and all the social media
very soon thank you meu who’s helping to film this property today we are just 20
minutes away from Granada and the road to Malya so I want to see you in the
next [Music]

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