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[Music] thank you guys for watching this video
today I have a big pleasure to introduce my friend Dexter who’s visiting I who’s
coming to nicara and actually he said Carlos I want to stay in nicara I want
to live in nicara as a matter of fact we’re going to talk about what he did
and what he he found and where he’s going to leave and why is a great
experiences that definitely a new adventure at his life and this is a big
commitment because my friend dector what was introduced by another friend of mine
Edwin Lindo so Edwin and family happy New Year brother so thank you for
watching today thank you Dexter thank you very much please introduce yourself
your name what you used to do and what’s going on today with your life so we’re
going to talk about that a little by little and never forget about a good
coffee in nicara Dexter just had a breakfast in Kathy’s waffle Kathy’s
waffle that’s one of your favorite places now one of my favorite spots okay
Kathy’s waffle people thank you very much always a great coffee so we are in
a new building names hola that’s the name of this building so I’m going to
give you at the description below how you can contact olola where you can stay
in Nicaragua when you come in and visit us and enjoy the city of Granada so we
are in Granada the big the one of the first CI founded in the 1500 so actually
guys I’m very pleasured to introduce to you my friend Dexter so Dexter hello my
name is Dexter Williams that’s your Comm oh I’m from uh the Bay Area California
Bay Area United States I used to work for Toyota and Tesla I’m retired here in
Nicaragua now I decided to leave the US and move to Nicaragua um here life is
not as fast lowkey you know like that like that
noise yeah yes relaxation beaches and that’s my life now there you go thank
you dector for that introduction so you know when you talk to Edwin you know
Edwin was telling you about nicara or do you find it by yourself how do you get
um well two years before I was going to get ready to retire I was supposed to
retire to Mexico uh Santa Rita Mexico oh there we go so I was supposed to go to
Mexico but my brother-in-law Edwin and my sister uh Estelle was like you know
you need to check out Nicaragua and I was like well I’m not going to let you
convince me to go to Nicaragua cuz my thoughts were to go to Mexico so I’m
going to Mexico so they was like okay well we’re going in February or December
whenever so I came over with them before I came over I did a lot of research on
nadaga I was you know Googling this and Googling that about nadaga this whatever
so I decided to come over here with them and once I came over I loved it I was
like oh this is nice you know and in Mexico it was just another side of
California so Mexico was just like California was just on the other side of
the Border but Nicaragua I love the greenery and I love the slow paced
lifestyle here and for and the afford and it’s very affordable to live here
coming from the United States so that’s why I chose uh Nicaragua thank you for
that and I understand that you um when you came to Nicaragua you came with your
wife yes okay and she’s from she’s from Colombia there you go Colombia hello
Colombia I’m going to talk to this Colombia girl very soon she’s very shy
right now she doesn’t want to be in the in the movie and she’s drinking a cup of
coffee or water no she’s drinking water look at her face water water she said
water so she’s from Colombia thank you Colombia we watch also Bea FEA we love
it we love it so much so anyhow um so she when she also decided to come to
nicara she said what nicara she said how how was that convince her um well
actually when I I told her when I met her I told her that I was I’m if if
you’re thinking of coming to United States I’m not thinking of staying in
the United States my goal or my dream or my passion is to come to Nicaragua so
she was like well if you go to Nicaragua I go to Nicaragua with you and did she
did she like it yeah she Lov it she love Nicaragua um how safe it is that she can
walk the streets and you know she can do a lot of things so yeah she Lov nicara
she loved her country too but she Lov Nicaragua for you walking around the
street what is one of the first things you said oh this is different what was
your first impression when you walk La Plaza and take the my first impression
of ganada was everything looked the same you know when you walk around you’re
like hold on wait a minute and what street of my own you know there’s no
street names here you know so yes we have the buildings are similar color so
you know if you don’t know your way around you can get very lost here so I
would drive around in circles and I’m like where are we so I said
but other but now after being here for almost 6 months I jump in the car and go
wherever I need to go now no you bought a car yeah bought a car okay that’s
great so when you said okay Carlos this is it this is my place and I forgot to
tell you that we are working in a development called C real and and Kasa
and Santa Fe also and Dexter founded with us and we walking through that
street and everything you you can see what we’re doing and you decided to say
that’s the property thank you for that it’s definitely we’re very happy to tell
you that we just put a new road mhm you’re going to see it so Dexter and I
we working together with an architect cesia Gan which is one of the best
architect one of the many good Architects we have in karawa so cesia is
in our team in a development team where uh she’s working for de designing the
house exactly the way you want it and that’s the thing we put together some of
your ideas and she said Okay and she likes those ideas and I like it too so
you took actually this colonial concept and you modernize it into a more
contemporary yes and you know and very functional space what is your what was
your dream idea of your home when you said okay I have the chance to build my
house in the way I want it under the budget you’re looking to spend too well
before coming to nicaragu I was looking at a
homes here and all of the homes traditional colonial homes and being
from the US is just crazy how you have Outdoors inside your home but I like
that a swimming pool inside the home so I was intrigued by that so when we
started to Design This House I wanted the colonial style home but I wanted to
be a little bit more modernized yes you know so I I didn’t want all of the wood
you know and stuff like that but you know I wanted
a traditional not really traditional but a traditional style home but a little
bit more modern and you know what when I came to Gada 20 years ago wow 20 years
ago that’s a lot of time so I started when when I was 31 it means I’m still
okay so anyhow means that we still young we still young young at heart young at
heart and then you know I notic it how you know when customers started to say
why not we do exactly what you said you know and I like that idea and then I met
a friend of mine from Australia who built houses with me we call it we built
a house here called cafab and he exactly kept the same idea
you know indoor outdoor so thank you very much for that because you know
Dexter actually is is probably going to be the second home that we’re going to
start building in in that development in our development which is only what 5 6
minutes away from the center oh yes and property taxes property taxes why do you
thing about property taxes here in property taxes in the US I paid $3,200 a
year wow and I hear property taxes here is what 100 a year you know for that
house uh I estimate the calculation you probably would pay no more than $150 a
year that’s it if you don’t know that please check out with your local real
estate guy and you will check out what’s the size of the house what the city is
like where it is located and so you can find what going to be the taxes for your
property so definitely in in Santa Fe where we have this development and we’re
going to have also colonial style more Colonial concept people going to pay no
more than $200 a year if the property is over 3,000 or 4,000 square ft uh home
which is a great thing so thank you for that to support our development oh yes
you know so going back to what to do where can I go in Granada when you are
not working you know nothing for example go to the island and try the local bigod
own you tried the vong already Yes okay so that’s you know this the main
traditional dish in Granada what do you think about that um it is an acquired
taste I would have to say acquired taste you know it’s an acquired taste you know
yes but so the foods you know you can in Granada or Nicaragua you will be be able
to find something to eat you know they have American Standard foods like you
can get french fries Burgers steaks you know rice all you you will find
something to eat here you know yeah definitely and they have a tip top got
Tip Top chicken for Americans This remind me a little bit
like KFC KFC better than KFC no come on really
yes that’s a good commercial man we need to talk with tiptop so thank you very
much guys for watching this video today dector thank you brother thank you for
your wife for week you’re going to see the videos where dector and his wife
what’s your wife names Sor oh
Maria no no we’re just making jokes so Maria thank you very much for for
helping us in this
video thank you very much Maria so be aware of so see Dexter going everywhere
you know so you have a lot of things to do in nicara thank you for watching this
video and don’t forget here you are my telephone number and my email and again
Dexter is going to be in this development very soon and she going to
show you step by step when the process is going so I hope you stay tuned thank
you bet Stacy hola so see you in the next
[Music] adventure

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